Text Outline for Stellar Structure

This outline includes all pages present in this description of stellar interiors. All pages are cross-linked, and the order presented here need not be followed.
1. Introduction: Some numbers and estmations
2. The Virial theorem and time scales
3. 1D, Time-Independent Equations of structure
4. Equations of state
4a. Blackbody radiation
4b. Monatomic gas
4c. Saha equation
4d. Fermi-Dirac degeneracy
4e. Adiabatic exponents
5. Radiative transfer and opacities
6. Convection
6a. Boundary conditions
7. Energy generation: gravity and nuclear reactions
7a. The proton-proton chain and deuterium burning
7b. The CNO cycles
7c. Helium burning
7d. C, O, Ne, Si burning and photo-disintegration processes
7e. Nuclear statistical equilibrium among the iron group
8. Numerical Solutions and Polytropes
9. Star Formation
10. Stellar Aging
11. Stellar Death
12. Nucleosynthesis
13. Binary Stars
14. Stellar Oscillations
14a. The linear adiabatic wave equation

Brown Dwarfs Dan Kittell ppt file.

Fortran codes
H+He Saha fractions