Chapter 12
Electric Polarizabilities and Long-Range Interactions

Rayleigh-Schrödinger Perturbation Theory (Sect. 12.1)

Perturbed and unperturbed problems
Ansatz expansion
Recursion relation
First order and second orders
Third order

Solution for a multipole expansion (Sect. 12.3)

Perturbed and unperturbed Hamiltonians
Hartree units

Dalgarno-Lewis Theory (Sect. 12.2)

Commutator formulation
Second order
Higher order
Evaluate commutator
Solution in series
Energy value
H-like ground states
Compare with direct computation
He and H2+ cases

Higher order, non-adiabatic, and retardation polarizabilities (Sect. 12.4)

Scaling of higher order terms
2nd, 3rd and 4th order
Non-adiabatic corrections
Casimir-Polder retardation effects
Bohr atom with penetration and QED
Recoil corrections
General form
Numerical values

Experimental studies (Sect. 12.5)

Electrostatic intervals
Ptolelmy spheres
Fits to measured data

Quadratic Stark effect

Second order


Dipole polarizablities
Quadrupole and non-adiabatic polarizabilities
Review He
Adiabatic and non-adiabatic formulae
Generalized f-sums
Hydrogenic f-sums

Application to indices of refraction of inert gases (Sect. 12.7)

Index of refraction and polarization
Index of refraction of gases
Computations of index
Values for H and inert gases

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