Chapter 8
Magnetic Dipole Transitions

Shortcut to current position

Introduction (Sect. 8.1)

Forbidden decays
He-like atoms

The Pasternak formula (Sect. 8.2)

Electric and magnetic dipoles
Compare Z dependences
M1 radiation
6-j algebra for J to J-1
6-j algebra for J to J
M1 line strengths
Compute constant

With intermediate coupling

M1 with IC for sp and p2

Transitions for sp
Line strengths for sp
Formulae for sp
Diagram for sp
Line strengths for p2 and p4
Formulae for pp
Diagram for pp

s2p and s2p5 ground configs (Sect. 8.2.2)

Ground states
  • Reduction formula
  • n=2 B and F sequences
  • n=3 Al and Cl sequences
  • n=4,5,6 sequences
  • Ga sequence
    Fine structures
  • p2 and p4 ground state configurations (Sect. 8.2.3)

    Kr22+: line strengths
    -Transition probability
    Si sequence
    S sequence

    p3 ground configurations (Sect. 8.2.4)

  • p3 levels from LS to jj
  • Off-diagonal Hamiltonian
  • Polynomial reduction
  • Find vectors
  • Application to Fe19+
  • Computed eigenvectors
    Vectors and matrices
    Matrix product
    Compare with ab initio
    P sequence

    Astrophysical implications

    The Solar Corona

    Eclipse photo and coronium
    Solar corona, before 1930
    Lyot solar camera
    Coronagraph spectrum
    Bengt Edlén and King Gustaf VI Adolf, 1951
    Coronium and Edlén
    Identified lines
    Compute np and np5 A's
    Compute IC A's
    Highly ionized lab spectra
    Grotrian and Edlén

    Analysis of solar data

    Temperature broadening
    Doppler width
    Solar temperatures
    Nebulium and the O III ground configuration

    Stellar Classification

    Boltzmann population
    Temperature definitions
    Excitation temperature determination

    The grand fact
    Stellar classifications
    Relation to temperature
    Fr. Angelo Secchi   [Current Position]
    The Vatican observatory

    Ladies of the observatory
    Annie Cannon and Cecilia Payne
    Henry Norris Russell
    Sir Arthur Eddington
    Study of H and K lines
    Ca+ H and K lines

    Cosmic abundances: top 10
    Cosmic abundances: all

    Convective model
    Ba and Zr

    August Comte on stellar composition
    Kirchhoff & Bunsen on stellar composition


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