Chapter 13
Coherence and Anisotropic Excitation

Shortcut to current position

Density matrix formulation (Sect. 13.1)

Excitation hamiltonian
Port Lawrence and Vistula Meadows
Preferential excitation with a beam
Preferential decay with a magnetic field
Expectation values
Ensemble average

Example: angular momentum

Eigenvectors and eigenvalues
Raising and lowering operators
Matrix representations
Matrix product and trace
Lx, Ly, Lz
Squared operators
Compare with L2
LxLy, LxLz, LyLz

Stokes parameters (Sect. 13.2)

Mueller Matrices
Linear polarizer
Retarding plate
Combined optical elements
Circular polarization analyzer

Decay and detection

Decay operator
Relationship to density matrix
Detection operator

Application (Sect. 13.3)

Tilted foil geometry
Data reduction
Computation of angular momenta
Squared and cross terms
Landscape of measurements

Time dependence

Liouville equations

Transfer of alignment (Sect. 13.4)

Polarization, orientation, and alignment
Cascade induced alignment
Decay of polarization

Quantum beats (Sect. 13.5)

Quantum beats
Two spectrometer measurements
Measured results
Tilted foil hfs measurements

Optical pumping and level crossing

Pi and sigma patterns
Optical pumping
Double optical resonance
Level crossing

Angular polarization

E1 radiation pattern   [Current Position]
Linear dipole representation
Angular distribution
Magic angles
Instrumental polarizations

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Multiplet mixing

Multiplet mixing
E1 decay
Quantum beats
Detector function
Individual parts

Component transition intensities

Angular distribution from incoherent source
Polarization intensities
Relative efficiencies
Component transition probabilities
Pi transitions
Sigma transitions

Resonance fluorescence

E1 radiation pattern
Angular polarization
Decay processes
p and s intensity distributions
Optical pumping
Optical double resonance
Measured spectra
Level crossing
Measured spectra