Chapter 15
Molecular Structure and Spectra

Hyperphysics - Molecular Physics

I. Bonding

Hydrogen ion

QM formulation
Pictor A jet
Isolated parities
Parity pictures
Wave functions
Proton-proton interaction
Electron-protons interaction
Opposite parities
Constructive analog: Laffer Curve

Hydrogen atom

Covalent bonds
Radial dependence
Reprise model
Ionization of H2

Molecular orbitals

Central angle of a tetrahedron

Ionic bonds

Electron stealing
Radial dependence
Energy budget
Ionic character
Biological consequences of electronegativity
Sample calculations

II. Spectroscopy

Vibration and anharmonic oscillators

Position probability
Average values
Quantized SHO
With Maslov Index
Perturbation solution
Morse potential

Rigid Rotors

Spherical, symmetric, and asymmetric tops Energy levels
Rotational bands
Band heads
P, Q, and R branches
2-body collective modes
Check the contour integral

Molecular Spectra

Rotation, vibration, and electronic energies Level structure
HCl spectrum
Isotope splitting
HBr spectrum

Relative Populations

Boltzmann distribution
Vibrational intensities
Rotational intensities
Temperature determination

Transition probabilities

RKR Franck-Condon factors

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