Fall 2014, Course Information
PHYS 4580, Molecular and Condensed Matter Laboratory 
PHYS 6/7280, Photovoltaic Materials and Device Physics Laboratory

Instructors: Randy Ellingson and Mike Heben

Teaching Assistant:  Neale Haugen

PHYS 4580, PHYS 6/7280 (draft) Introduction, Syllabus, and General Information (updated November 24, 2014)

Class Schedule:

Lecture:  Tuesday,  1:00 - 1:50 pm, in R1 2000N.

Lab:  Tuesday, 2:00 - 5:50 pm, in R1 1070.  The lab is also open other days/hours during the week (let us know if you find the lab locked).  For those of you with the time and desire to do so, additional time in the lab can be used to improve your experimental measurements and to improve the quality of your data.

Lab Reports:  Please print your lab reports and submit them to us by 1 pm (start of lecture) on the Tuesday they are due.  Late Policy:  1 through 6 days late:  2% deduction per day (may be waived with communication/approval, and larger deductions (5% per day) may apply to students repeatedly submitting late reports).  More than 7 days late:  50% loss of credit.  More than 14 days late:  0% credit.

Final Exam (Project):

Your final project will be based on a one-hour laboratory session in which you'll be asked to perform and/or describe specific measurements on a specific photovoltaic material or sample using the equipment, capabilities, and skills you develop during the semester.  Each student will be tested individually on all aspects of the hardware, software, and principles of the measurement system, as well as the materials physics relevant to photovoltaic devices.  We may, or may not, need to use Finals Week to schedule some of these Project exams.


Reference Files and Additional Resources

  • Lab Setup Guide

  • Lab Troubleshooting Guide

  • Handle With Care - notes on caring for instruments and optics

  • Dexter 2M Thermopile Data Sheet

  • Dexter 1010 Amplifier Data Sheet

  • Effect of Encapsulation Gas

  • Thermopile Time Constant Determination

  • About Lock-In Amplifiers

  • Quizzes (tentative schedule)