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  • 2008 - Jeremy Bancroft Brown, University of Chicago

    J. Bancroft Brown, M.S. Brown, S. Cheng, L.J. Curtis, D.G. Ellis, S.R. Federman & R.E. Irving,"Experimental and Semiempirical Branching Fractions of the 3s23p2 – 3s3p3 transition array in P II," Can. J. Phys. 89, 413-4 (2011).

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    2007 - Nicholas Reshetnikov, Harvard University

    N. Reshetnikov, L.J. Curtis, M.S. Brown & R.E. Irving, "Determination of polarizabilities and lifetimes for the Mg, Zn, Cd and Hg isoelectronic sequences," Phys. Scr. 77, 015301: 1-11 (2008).

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    2005 - Andrew Larkoski - University of Washington (currently completing PhD at Stanford)

    A.J. Larkoski, D.G. Ellis & L.J. Curtis, "Numerical implementation of the Einstein-Brillouin-Keller quantization for arbitrary potentials," Am. J. Phys. 74, 572-7 (2006).

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    2005 - Stephanie (Torok) Horne - University of Toledo

    S.R. Federman, L.J. Curtis, M. Brown, S. Cheng, R.E. Irving, S. Torok & R.M. Schectman, "Oscillator strengths for ultraviolet transitions in P II and Cu II," J. Phys. Conf. Series 130, 012007:1-3 (2008).

    L.J. Curtis, S.R. Federman, S. Torok, M. Brown, S. Cheng, R.E. Irving & R.M. Schectman, "The need for branching fraction measurements in multiply-charged ions" Comments on Atomic, Molec. & Opt. Phys. / Phys. Scr. 75, C1-C7 (2007).

    S.R. Federman, M. Brown, S. Torok, S. Cheng, R.E. Irving, R.M. Schectman & L.J. Curtis, "Oscillator strengths for ultraviolet transitions in P II," Astrophys. J. 660, 919-21 (2007).

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    2004 - Jack Steiner - Ohio University (currently completing PhD at Harvard)

    J. Steiner & L.J. Curtis, "Branching Fractions for the Mg-like 3s3p – 3s3d and 3s3p – 3p2 Transition Arrays," J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 37, 3771-6 (2004).

    J.F. Steiner, R.C. Reis, J.E. McClintock, R. Narayan, R.A. Remillard, J.A. Oroscz, L. Gou, A.C. Fabians & M.A.P. Torres, "The spin of the Black Hole XTE J1550-564 via the continuum-fitting and Fe-line methods," Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. (in press).

    J.F. Steiner and J.E. McClintock, Constraining the degree of alignment between the spin of Black Hole XTE J1550-564 and the angular momentum of its host binary" (in preparation).

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