The Coulomb Approximation

Quantum Defect Formulation

Quantum defect phase shift
n dependence of finite range potentials
EBK formulation
QM equivalent
Example of exact QD solution
Asymptotic forms
Quadratic solution
Series expansion
Comparison of EBK solution
Formal solution
Other power laws
General solution for Coulomb potential
Apply BC at large r

Ritz Expansion

Kepler orbit through Ptolemy sphere
Phase integral expansion
Ritz expansion
QD plot
Penetrating and polarizing slopes
Z dependence

Analytical solution: Bates-Damgaard

Wave functions from experimental energies
Bethe-Salpeter s-p
np* vs ns* landscape
Analytic solution
Bates-Damgaard formulation
B-D table for s-p
B-D table for p-d
B-D table for d-f
Mn XIV 4s-4p
BD interpolation
Angular factors
S, f and A values
Na 3s-3p
S values
f and A values
Camatrel access

Numerical solution: Lindgård-Nielsen

Units reduction
Numerical formulation
Sample page
Small r cutoff procedures

Coulomb Approximation with Model Potential - CAHS

Ti XII core
Fortran listing for Camatrel
Successes of CAHS

Sources of spectroscopic data

Status of spectroscopic classification work
Spectra of various neutral elements
Spectroscopic bibliographic data base
Cu sequence energies
Semiempirical evaluations
IP by Ritz expansion
IP by polarization model
Use of ab initio MBPT and SE screened Lamb shift
MBPT calculations
Li sequence
Joint European Torus Tokamak
Predictions and tokamak measurements
Na sequence
Cu sequences
Lamb shift parametrization
Extension to high Z
Contribution to fs
QED corrections for higher n
Screening parameters for Li, Na and Cu sequences
IP determination with multiple processes
Be sequence IP formulation
IP data and predictions
Be IP plot
Cowan code toy

Functional approximation: Burgess-Seaton

Sinusoidal formulation
Disappearance spectroscopy
Cu p-d plot
Cu s-p plot
Cu d-f plot
Cu sequence
Ag sequence
Au sequence
Hg II 5p decay curve
K s-p plot
K p-d plot
K 6p-8d
C II H and K lines
Dipole moment of a complex atom
Dipole moment
Polarization shift

Multichannel Quantum Defect Theory

Two-channel formulation
Two-channel Lu-Fano plot
Stereo three-channel Lu-Fano plot
CPC programme

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Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13