This is the notes site for class "Quantum Mechanics", course number PHYS 4310/5310, taught by Prof. Sanjay V. Khare in Spring 2006. Please check this site after each class.

Set 1: Appendix of the text          Set 2: Dirac notation          Set 3: Postulates

Set 4: 1D examples          Set 5: Delta potential          Set 6: HO I

Set 7: HO II          Set 8: Uncertainty          Set 9: QM in 3D

Set 10: Angular Momentum          Set 11: Spin          Set 12: Identical Particles

Set 13: Solids          Set 14: Quantum Statistics

Appendix 1: Mathematical Notation
Appendix 2: Spherical and Cylindrical Coordinates
Appendix 3: Some demonstrations


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