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            Starting off this year's speaker series, Dr. Morrison spoke about SPS in Cleveland
graduate schools.  Then, Dr. Tramer Department of Earth, Ecological and Environmental Sciences discussed environmental science opportunities,
and Dr. Kim (Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering) presented information about “NMR.” We also took a tour of the A&S
Instrumentation Center.

    Jackie Must, Josh Thomas, Tricia Gallant, and Nicholas Sperling gave student presentations at Colloquium in September.  Reaching out to the community, SPS members participated in a Demo at the Toledo Public Library in the McMaster Center for the Northwest science fair to get students interested in the science fair.  We plan to do a Demo at Defiance College and continue this program. Some of us attended the Toledo Astronomical Association star party at the pioneer scout reservation in October.

Noel Richardson gave a Maple workshop to help us see what the program Maple offers and how to use it.  Jackie Must, Meagan Schwenker, Josh Thomas, Erin Hardy, and Noel attended the Michelson Morley lecture on Oct 13th at Case Western Reserve University.  Dr. Stephen Hawking was the winner of the Michelson Morley award.  See photo above.

Photo Contest Overall Winner: The Tesla Coil submitted by Noel    Many of us participated in Dinosaur Running with Dr. Lee on the sand volleyball court to help in researching how acceleration depends on leg height.

            We started off our Movie Nights with “A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy” and learned that we don’t need to panic because the answer is 42.  We finished "A Hitchhiker's Guide" during our Halloween Night and played
Retro video games and card games until late.  Later on, we kicked back and watched "Office Space" and figured out how to get things done.  Noel invited us to his house for a Lunar Eclipse Party.  We set up telescopes and ate s'mores.  At Klingon Coffee Hour, we studied a little Klingon and played uno for a few hours.  In December, we went ice skating at Tam O’Shanter and plan to go there again.  We decided to create our own photo contest with three categories: Natural, Contrived, and Most Artistic.  The first floor bulletin board in McMaster was updated in December.

Photo Contest Overall Winner:  The Tesla Coil submitted by Noel see photo.

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