I. Dues

Dues shall be according to minimum national standards. There are no local chapter dues.

II. Meetings

Meetings shall be held at least once a month during the school year. They day and time shall be determined by the officers with the aid of the faculty advisor.

III. Officers

Any student member of SPS (including persons who have submitted a completed application form) shall be considered eligible for office. Four officers shall be elected each year, the titles and duties of which follow:

1)      President shall be responsible for organizing and overseeing the meetings, recruiting new members and arranging the speaker series.

2)      Vice President shall attend faculty meetings and represent the undergraduate students at such meetings. He or she shall also provide adequate notice of upcoming SPS meetings, activities and social events. In the absence of the president, he or she shall preside at the meeting.

3)      Secretary/Treasurer shall take minutes at each meeting, check mail, post notices of graduate schools and summer programs, and keep the SPS lounge tidy. He or she shall also be in charge of all finances.

4)      Outreach Coordinator shall be responsible for organizing demo sessions, getting in touch with potential demo contacts and facilitating the recruitment of new members.

IV. Appointed Positions

1)      Webmaster shall be in charge of maintaining the webpage by keeping the site up-to-date with activities and events. He or she shall also preserve appropriate archival information such as the speaker series, relevant past activities, etc.

2)      Outreach Assistant shall assist the Outreach Coordinator. And be trained to take over for the Outreach Coordinator.

3)      Photographer shall take pictures of the outreach and social events.

V. Parliamentary Authority

The president shall decide all matters of procedure.