Stephen Hawking Quotes

These were heard in person by Noel Richardson, Erin Hardy, Jackie Must, Josh Thomas and Megan Schwenker at the Michelson Morely Award Lecture at Case Western University on Monday October 13th 2003.

"I know all about holograms having been one myself along with Newton and Einstein in an episode of Star Trek."

In response to the qestion 'What is the difference between Cosmology and Cosmatology?':
"Cosmology is the study of the beauty of the Universe. Cosmotology is the study of the beauty of man, or rather woman. I like both kinds of beauty."

In response to the question of how to get people interested in the history and future of the Universe:
"Animals are not interested in the evolution of the Universe, neither are most men."

And finally:
"That would be a pity because if a low mass black hole were discovered, I would win a Nobel Prize."

Group at Hawking Lecture
Left to right: Jackie Must, Meagan Schwenker, Josh Thomas, Erin Hardy, Noel Richardson