Ritter Observatory

View of Ritter from Bancroft Street taken by E. Hesselbach

A research observatory in an urban environment, Ritter Observatory has a 1-meter telescope with two fiber-fed spectrographs for stellar spectroscopy. As of 2013, it is also being used part time with the HPOL spectropolarimeter, which was originally developed by the University of Wisconsin. Ritter's mission includes

Information for observers

News: On July 29, 2008, Ritter Observatory was the subject of a full-length article in the science pages of the Columbus Dispatch.
At the end of December 2006, we received our new Spectral Instruments 600 Series camera, with a 4K X 4K CCD (at right).

This camera is now installed and fully operational on the échelle spectrograph.

More information is available here.

A colorized version of a spectrum of Deneb obtained with the new camera can be viewed here.


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