Ritter Observatory Nightly Log Sheets

Portion of raw image of the Fe-Ar calibration lamp taken with the Low-Dispersion Spectrograph, shown in false color

Since early November 2004, our observers have been filling in the observing log on line. Here you may display the log sheet for each night of observations, as well as a few nights on which observations were attempted but not made. For a key to the observers' initials, see the Observing Schedule.

Previously, the logs were handwritten. Copies for any given night are available on request to the Observatory Research Assistant, James Davidson.

If you would like to search for observations of a given target, that is best done (for observations made before 2007 April) here. Observations made after that date are, for the most part, not yet reduced, and therefore are not indexed.

Explanation of the "ADU's (/pix)" column (indicator of exposure level) 2004 (UT) 2005 (UT)

2006 (UT)

2007 (UT)

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