The Ritter Observatory Public Archive of Spectra of ζ Ophiuchi

Sample spectrum of the rapidly rotating, sometimes Be star ζ Ophiuchi in the Hα region.

File names are in the form: observation date followed by serial number with night, followed by file extension .fits, as in YYYYMMDD.NNN.fits

A log of Ritter observations of ζ Oph through March 2007 is to be found here. Additional information about each exposure is included.

These spectra have been subjected to normal spectroscopic data processing, namely bias subtraction, flat fielding, extraction, and wavelength calibration. Before you use the data for science, we strongly recommend that you read the image headers and consult the following information.

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Échelle spectra:

2001: 20011003.015.fits

2002: 20020704.020.fits 20020705.020.fits 20020706.018.fits 20020707.024.fits

Wavelength calibration issues began in late 2002. They will be corrected as the following spectra are reprocessed in reverse chronological order.




LDS spectra:

  • 20050517.21.fits
  • 20060708.205.fits
  • 20060714.204.fits
  • 20070614.204.fits
  • 20070621.207.fits

    *Image subject to optical distortion from condensation on CCD window; compensated as well as possible in tracing apertures. Use with caution.
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