The Ritter Observatory Public Archive of Spectra of β Ophiuchi

Sample spectrum of the K-type giant β Ophiuchi in the Hα region.

File names are in the form: observation date followed by serial number, followed by file extension .fits, as in YYYYMMDD.NNN.fits

These spectra have been subjected to normal spectroscopic data processing, namely bias subtraction, flat fielding, extraction, and wavelength calibration. Before you use the data for science, we strongly recommend that you read the image headers and consult the following information.

A log of Ritter observations of β Oph through March 2007 is to be found here. Additional information about each exposure is included.

As of March 7, 2013, this archive contains 257 spectra of this star. Right click on link to download desired file (individual spectra: 53 KB).

1996: 960531.020.fits 960603.018.fits 960621.012.fits 960626.014.fits 960704.016.fits 960813.007.fits 960825.012.fits 960826.012.fits 960919.012.fits 960925.012.fits

1997: Zip archive of entire season's data (1 MB)

970312.048.fits 970511.018.fits 970523.020.fits 970527.016.fits 970610.035.fits 970615.035.fits 970624.012.fits 970627.012.fits 970628.029.fits 970629.016.fits 970702.014.fits 970703.014.fits 970706.012.fits 970710.012.fits 970711.012.fits 970712.014.fits 970714.014.fits 970725.013.fits 970729.012.fits 970731.012.fits 970801.012.fits 970803.012.fits 970808.012.fits 970905.012.fits 970916.012.fits 970921.012.fits 970922.012.fits 971007.012.fits

1998: Zip archive of entire season's data (909 KB)

980513.016.fits 980515.021.fits 980517.022.fits 980519.025.fits 980522.022.fits 980526.012.fits 980527.015.fits 980608.020.fits 980703.014.fits 980705.012.fits 980706.012.fits 980710.019.fits 980711.016.fits 980712.016.fits 980727.012.fits 980802.012.fits 980803.012.fits 980820.013.fits 980821.012.fits 980828.012.fits 980901.012.fits 980902.012.fits 980909.012.fits 980910.012.fits

1999: Zip archive of entire season's data (1.1 MB)

990528.034.fits 990529.027.fits 990607.022.fits 990608.028.fits 990609.018.fits 990615.014.fits 990616.017.fits 990618.018.fits 990619.014.fits 990621.022.fits 990622.027.fits 990623.031.fits 990626.024.fits 990701.014.fits 990706.022.fits 990708.024.fits 990710.022.fits 990711.022.fits 990713.022.fits 990715.022.fits 990716.022.fits 990717.022.fits 990723.022.fits 990726.022.fits 990806.012.fits 990831.022.fits 990923.012.fits 990924.012.fits

2000: Zip archive of entire season's data (418 KB)

20000805.014.fits 20000808.014.fits 20000811.012.fits 20000821.014.fits 20000825.014.fits 20000902.014.fits 20000903.013.fits 20000916.012.fits 20000917.014.fits 20000929.014.fits 20000930.012.fits

2001: Zip archive of entire season's data (1.2 MB)

20010523.020.fits 20010530.029.fits 20010609.024.fits 20010610.022.fits 20010614.019.fits 20010626.020.fits 20010630.016.fits 20010702.020.fits 20010705.021.fits 20010710.018.fits 20010713.016.fits 20010715.020.fits 20010725.017.fits 20010727.024.fits 20010807.012.fits 20010815.012.fits 20010829.012.fits 20010830.012.fits 20010902.014.fits 20010903.012.fits 20010905.012.fits 20010906.014.fits 20010907.014.fits 20010911.014.fits 20010912.012.fits 20010913.012.fits 20010917.012.fits 20010922.014.fits 20010923.013.fits 20010930.014.fits 20011001.016.fits 20011004.019.fits

2002: Zip archive of entire season's data except as noted below. (735 KB)

20020510.020.fits 20020515.047.fits 20020519.039.fits 20020522.022.fits 20020523.022.fits 20020616.025.fits 20020617.024.fits 20020618.020.fits 20020620.018.fits 20020625.024.fits 20020628.012.fits 20020629.022.fits 20020630.024.fits 20020701.017.fits 20020702.014.fits 20020703.016.fits 20020704.022.fits 20020705.022.fits 20020706.020.fits 20020707.020.fits 20020708.020.fits

20021031.012.fits Reprocessed January 2, 2013. Not included in Zip archive.

Wavelength calibration issues began in late 2002. They will be corrected as the following spectra are reprocessed.

2003: 20030924.012.fits 20030926.012.fits

2004: 20040416.030.fits 20040416.032.fits 20040424.024.fits


2006: Zip archive of entire season's reprocessed data (1.3 MB)

*Image subject to optical distortion from condensation on CCD window; compensated as well as possible in tracing apertures. Use with caution.
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