The Ritter Observatory Public Archive of Spectra of α Cassiopeiae

Sample spectrum of the K-type giant α Cassiopeiae in the Hα region.

File names are in the form: observation date followed by serial number for the night, followed by file extension .fits, as in YYYYMMDD.NNN.fits

A log of Ritter observations of α Cas through March 2007 is to be found here. Additional information about each exposure is included.

These spectra have been subjected to normal spectroscopic data processing, namely bias subtraction, flat fielding, extraction, and wavelength calibration. Before you use the data for science, we strongly recommend that you read the image headers and consult the following information.

As of January 2, 2013, this archive contains 180 spectra of this star. Right click on link to download desired file. Zip archives of selected full seasons' data are included.

1994 - 1995:

1995 - 1996:

1996 - 1997: 960920.020.fits 970108.014.fits

1997 - 1998: 970913.018.fits 970918.015.fits 970924.022.fits 971006.024.fits 971009.024.fits 971010.020.fits 971015.025.fits 971019.020.fits 971031.018.fits 971109.020.fits 971118.018.fits 971125.018.fits 971126.012.fits 971127.012.fits 971203.012.fits 971216.014.fits 980101.012.fits

1998 - 1999: 980813.021.fits 980820.030.fits 981020.020.fits 981024.024.fits 981104.021.fits 981118.023.fits 981120.017.fits 981125.012.fits 981127.030.fits 981128.051.fits 981129.016.fits 981202.018.fits 981210.024.fits 981216.020.fits 990210.012.fits 990821.045.fits 990903.037.fits 990916.041.fits 990917.037.fits 990918.035.fits 990922.033.fits 990925.028.fits 990926.029.fits

1999 - 2000: 991006.037.fits 991007.037.fits 991008.037.fits 991012.031.fits 991015.036.fits 991016.034.fits 991020.017.fits 991021.035.fits 991025.019.fits 991027.027.fits 991028.016.fits 991101.034.fits 991105.018.fits 991106.015.fits 991107.015.fits 991108.016.fits 991109.018.fits 991110.032.fits 991115.015.fits 991116.028.fits 991117.028.fits 991118.028.fits 991119.029.fits 991128.028.fits 991130.017.fits 991208.032.fits 991211.028.fits 991219.027.fits 20000127.012.fits 20000212.012.fits

2000 - 2001: 20000821.032.fits 20000905.023.fits 20000918.024.fits 20001012.020.fits 20001013.018.fits 20001123.027.fits 20001204.018.fits 20001223.012.fits 20001226.012.fits 20001227.012.fits 20010107.012.fits 20010109.012.fits 20010110.031.fits 20010110.033.fits 20010111.029.fits 20010123.012.fits 20010124.012.fits 20010128.012.fits

2001 - 2002: 20010807.027.fits 20010830.024.fits 20010903.028.fits 20010915.022.fits 20010916.020.fits 20011009.016.fits 20011018.023.fits 20011103.020.fits 20011104.020.fits 20011108.014.fits 20011110.022.fits 20011111.022.fits 20011112.024.fits 20011113.018.fits 20011206.016.fits 20011211.017.fits 20011219.018.fits 20011221.016.fits 20011222.016.fits 20020108.013.fits 20020119.012.fits 20020126.012.fits 20020128.014.fits

Wavelength calibration issues began in late 2002. They will be corrected as the following spectra are reprocessed.

2002 - 2003:

2003 - 2004: 20031007.020.fits 20031014.016.fits 20031016.014.fits 20031019.021.fits 20031105.016.fits 20031107.016.fits

2004 - 2005:

2005 - 2006:

2006 - 2007: Zip archive of all reprocessed spectra for this season (Right click or control-click to download; 704 KB)

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