Chapter 10 - The World of Atoms
The statistics of electrons and photons

 Ludwig Boltzmann


Discrete outcomes
Coin tosses
Quantum coins
Coin distribution function
Dice casting
Quantum dice
Shared birthdays

  • Student exercise - Hot hands
  • continued
  • continued
  • Stephen Jay Gould
  • Momentum in Tennis
  • Mortality and Morbidity Tables
  • Survival predictions

    N objects taken n at a time
    Related to binomial distribution
    Binomial distribution applet
  • Distribution functions

    Binomial distribution
    Poisson distribution
    Differences between Poisson and Gaussian
    Horse/mule kick data
    von Bortkiewicz
    The Baker distribution
    Binomial and Poisson applets
    Median, mean, mode, std
    M & M Tables
    Reunion projections
    The median isn't the message

    Partition Functions

    Partitions of 2 and 6
    Comparison of distributions

    Measures of distribution

    Median, mean, mode, std
    Poisson example

    Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution

    Applet I
    Graphical representation

    Bose Statistics

    Continuum radiation

    Blackbody radiation

    Specific heats

    Dulong and Petit

    Bose condensation

    Cooper pairing
    John Schrieffer
    The Bosenova
    Nonlocal interaction

    Fermi-Dirac Statistics

    Comparison of distributions
    Temperature variation of FD
    Electron excitation in FD
    Fermi distribution

    Fermi gas in metal

    Charge flow
    Drift and thermal speeds
    Combined motions
    Acceleration between collisions
    Ohm's Law
    Viscous drag

    Dipole-dipole forces

    End-on dipole
    Positive charge
    Negative charge
    Side-on dipole
    Divergence of fields
    Gauss formulation
    2-D projection of 4-D divergence

    Extending the dimensionality

    Volumes and areas
    Wente torus