Chapter 2 - The World of Atoms
The 19th Century Paradigm


Fin de'siècle

  • "Classical Physics"
  • Après moi le déluge

    Time for a change

  • It's time to reinvent Introductory Physics (ppt)
  • Reinvent Intro. Phys. (pdf)

  • A scientific education in symbolic form

    Where's the action?

  • Edwin Taylor: "A call to action"
  • Mechanical action
  • Intrinsic action
  • Glossory of misunderstood terms
  • Action - the most fundamental quantity in Nature
  • Least action path
  • Fundamental constants
  • Change of base

    Lux æterna luceat eis

  • Let there be light - take the rest of the week off!


  • Ohio Academic Content Standards
  • Frank Wilczek: "Whence the force F=ma - Culture Shock"
  • Responses to Wilczek
  • Paul Hewitt: "Lessons from Lily"
  • Stanley Haan: "Why I teach my students things that are incorrect"

    Dwell time proposals

  • An Expectation Value Formulation of the Perturbed Kepler Problem,'' Am. J. Phys. 55, 627-31 (1987).
  • Källén Lecture
  • Sears, Zemansky & Young, 8th ed. Review (1992)

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