March 26th optional evening activity.
Starting at 8pm--Movies and observing at the ritter 1-meter telescope (if it is clear!). Look for information to be posted on the Doors To Mcmaster and Ritter.

March 27th:
Time Location Event
9:00am McMaster Hall Check-in/setup...breakfast yummies
10:00am McMaster Hall SPS round table
11:00am McMaster Hall Speaker: Dr. Karen Bjorkman
12:00pm Student Union Lunch at Phonecia's
1:15pm McMaster Hall Graduate-Q/A, Led by Dr. Morrison
1:30pm McMaster Hall Oral Session I
Presentations 10min w/2min for quesions
3:00pm McMaster Hall Tour Labs
4:00pm McMaster Hall Oral Session II
5:00pm McMaster Hall End

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