Our year started out in the fall with plans and high hopes, most of which we accomplished. For the fall we started our Movie Nights which we felt were a great success, we even managed to get a few professors to attend! Our fall film series was old sci-fi movies starting with the 1954 classic Them! and ending with the 1980 classic Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn. For our speaker series, Dr. Rick Irving give a presentation on Parallel computing and the new Beowulf Cluster. Three of our members (Robert Cooper, Amanda Gault, and Josh Thomas) attended the SPS Zone 7 meeting at The University of Michigan where they met the new National Director of SPS, Dr. White. All three presented their research, and Josh and Rob were awarded 3rd and 2 nd places respectively. Robert Cooper gave an honors brown bag talk ending our list of activities for the fall.
This spring we continued our film series, we started with the 1960's
Planet of the Apes and ended with the 1983 Brainstorm. From there, we worked into Maxwell's and ended up with a Retro Game Night. The Retro Game Night consisted of classic Nintendo NES games, and Sega Genesis games. In March, we took a trip to Chicago to see the Field Museum and the Science and Industry Museum. We had a wonderful talk from Dr. Ale Lukaszew about how to be creative in research and to use original thinking. Three of our members (Robert Cooper, Jackie Must, and Josh Thomas) loaded up a truck for a demo session at Defiance College in

March. Also in March, Robert Cooper awarded the annual book prizes at the Northwest Ohio Science and Engineering Fair held at Founder's Hall at Sauder's in Archbold, OH . Robert then attended the APS meeting in Indianapolis to present his research. In April, Josh Thomas and Robert Cooper presented their research at NCUR (National Conference on Undergraduate Research) at The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Amanda Gault was accepted to NCUR but presented at the Ohio Space Grant Consortium's Research Symposium in Cleveland as the two conferences were held the same weekend. Both Amanda Gault and Josh Thomas presented their research at the undergraduate session of the Sigma Xi Research Symposium. They also presented at the department's undergraduate research symposium where Amanda received the 2002 Chad Tabory Undergraduate Research Award. Amanda, Josh, and Lori Schmetzer also participated in the Natural Sciences Open House, leading a tour of the department.

Sue the T-Rex


Solar Car at The Science and Industry Museum.