Rube Goldberg


This was our second year of competition. We won the local competition for the second time in a row, and continued on to take second place at the national competition, held at Purdue. Our trophy is on display in the department office.

The task was to shred 5 pieces of paper in 20 or more steps. Our theme was "Monsters", the paper was shredded by a monster on a track with razor blades. A write up of the machine written by Tricia Gallant is on the National SPS page here. Here are some pictures from Dave here.

The UT news article can be found here. There was also an article in the ICollegian here.

From right to left: Erin Hardy, Adam Gray, Nick Sperling, Tricia Gallant, JT Laverty, Dave Nero, Paul Sell, Noel Richardson, Josh Thomas.


For the 2005 Rube Goldberg competition we competed against two engineering faternities and won the regional contest here at UT.

Our task was to take old batteries out of a flashlight. Then to put new batteries in the flashlight and turn it on in 20 or more steps. Our theme was "A Night at the Movies."

Here is an article about us on the University's web site. UT article

And here is a movie of the machine running. Rube Video

From right to left: Erin Hardy, Josh Thomas, Jackie Must, Noel Richardson, Dave Nero, Levi Gorrell, Calley Blansett, Tricia Gallant, Nick Sperling.