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Astrophysics Bag Lunch Seminar

On every Tuesday from 12:30-1:30pm, the Astronomy & Astrophysics faculty, postdocs, and students meet in Room 4009 of McMaster Hall (MH 4009).   The scheduled speaker gives a talk on a topic chosen at the beginning of the term. Talks during the same term are chosen to share a common theme.

Reminder to scheduled speakersPlease send a reminder announcement, including a list of your principal references, to the astronomy bag lunch mailing list no later than the Monday before your talk.  The e-mail address to use is astroseminar at mail.physics.utoledo.edu (replace "_at_" with "@" before sending).

Link to J-D Smith's tips on giving a good talk: http://tir.astro.utoledo.edu/jdsmith/class/bbl_fall2008_intro.pdf

Link to Mike Cushing's overview of topic for Fall 2013 and tips on giving a good talkBBlunch2013.pdf

Link to Tom Megeath's overview of topic for Fall 2014 and tips on giving a good talkintroduction_2014.pdf

Spring 2015 - Cool Stuff from the 225th AAS Meeting

(Organizer: Jon Bjorkman)

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 13
All /Jon Bjorkman
Organizational meeting
Jan 20
Kevin Hardegree-Ullman
Rosetta: First Results (mean density, D/H ratio, outgassing and origin of craters) and Comet Wrangling
Jan 27
Nicole Karnath
Planetary Nebulae: The Origin and Shaping of Bipolar Outflows

Feb 03
Thomas Lai The Eta Car Homunculus: From VLT X-Shooter observations to 3D structure
Feb 10
Paula Johns Disappearing Binary Pulsars: Testing GR with Geodetic Precesion
Feb 17
Jennifer Greco NuSTAR Observations of the Galactic Center: Flares and light echos from the Black Hole, Magnetars and such
Feb 24
Alex Mulia Dwarf Galaxy Problem/Missing Sattelites: Dark Matter Clues - WDM, SIDM?
Mar 03
Michelle Deady
Sterile Neutrinos: Theory of Neutrino Masses (NuMSM) and Dark Matter
Mar 10
Spring Break
Mar 17
Cody Gehartz Amanda/IceCube Detection of Cosmic Neutrinos: Bert, Ernie, Big Bird + other WIMPS
Mar 24
Joseph Booker Fermi Bubbles and Milky Way Haze: From Fermi to Planck
Mar 31
Jesica Trucks Chandra, XMM-Newton, and Fermi Observations of Dark Matter Annihilation?
Apr 07
Brian Mazur/ Jonathan Rice Dust Polarization: Alignment Mechanisms (RATs, etc.), Thermal Emission, and the Planck Polarized Dust Foreground
Apr 14
Wayne Oswald
Alma Observations of Protoplanetary Disks: HL Tau
Apr 21
Allison Bratcher
Gemini Planet Imager: Polarimetry of HR 4796A Ring
Apr 28
All /Jon Bjorkman
Award for Best Talk
May 05
Exam Week

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