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Astrophysics Bag Lunch Seminar

On every Tuesday from 12:30-1:30 pm, the Astronomy & Astrophysics faculty, postdocs, and students meet in Room 4009 of McMaster Hall (MH 4009).   The scheduled speaker gives a talk on a topic chosen at the beginning of the term. Talks during the same term are chosen to share a common theme.

Reminder to scheduled speakersPlease send a reminder announcement, including a list of your principal references, to the astronomy bag lunch mailing list no later than the Monday before your talk.  The e-mail address to use is astroseminar at mail.physics.utoledo.edu (replace "_at_" with "@" before sending).

Link to J-D Smith's tips on giving a good talk: http://tir.astro.utoledo.edu/jdsmith/class/bbl_fall2008_intro.pdf

Link to Mike Cushing's overview of topic for Fall 2013 and tips on giving a good talkBBlunch2013.pdf

Spring 2014 - Computational Astrophysics

(Organizer: Lawrence Anderson-Huang)

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 08
All / Lawrence Anderson-Huang
Organizational meeting and Overview of Topic (intro slides online)
Jan 14
Lesley Simanton
Galaxy aging
Jan 21 Michelle Deady

Jan 28
Paula Johns
Feb 04
Nicolle Karnath
Feb 11
Jennifer Greco
Planet formation
Feb 18
Alex Mulia
Galactic interactions
Feb 25
Johnathan Rice
Interstellar chemistry
Mar 04
Spring Break
Mar 11
Joseph Booker
Three-dimensional dust radiative transfer
Mar 18
Carl Starkey
Stellar winds
Mar 25
Cody Gerhartz
Apr 01
Kevin Hardegree-Ullman
Apr 08
Jesica Trucks
Apr 15
Brian Mazur
Cluster Stability
Apr 22
Lawrence Anderson-Huang
Award for Best Talk
Apr 29
Exam Week

Schedules from previous terms

last update - 13 Jan 2014