Header Information

Header Information

Name - Common name of target.

HD - HD number of target if it has one

Type - A classification scheme which places each target into general projects of research, which are defined below.

RA2000 - FK5 2000 Right Ascension Coordinates(SIMBAD)

Dec2000 -FK5 2000 Declination Coordinates(SIMBAD)

Sp - Spectral type of target(SIMBAD)

V - V magitude of target(SIMBAD)

Obs - Total number of observations of target

Con - Designated contact person for target data.

Wave - Primary location of spectrograph.

Instrument - "E" denotes an Echelle observation, "L" denotes an observation with the Low Dispersion Spectrograph.

Expos - Length of target exposure

ADU - A measure of the quality of the data. Bias exposures currently run around 65 ADUs for the echelle.

File Size - Size of data file extracted from IRAF header information.

File Name - Name of data file for this observation - YYYYMMDD.XXX

Observer - Name of telescope operator(s) which took data on the particular night.

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