The Ritter Observatory Public Archive of Spectra of β Lyrae

Sample spectrum of the spectroscopic binary β Lyrae in the Hα region.

File names are in the form: observation date followed by serial number, followed by file extension .fits, as in YYYYMMDD.NNN.fits

There are 10 sample spectra files linked below. If you want all 169 β Lyr spectra, there are also links to compressed .tar or .zip files. Right click on link to download desired file.

  • 931001.009.fits 931004.009.fits
  • 940818.014.fits 960813.009.fits
  • 960830.012.fits 970429.025.fits
  • 970511.016.fits 970513.032.fits
  • 970520.035.fits 970522.039.fits
  • betaLyr_fits.tar.Z
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