The Ritter Observatory Public Archive of Spectra of β Cephei Stars

Sample spectrum of the β Cephei star 12 Lacertae in the Hα region.

Sample spectrum of the β Cephei star β Canis Majoris showing the He I triplet line near 5876 Å.

File names are in the form: observation date followed by serial number, followed by file extension .fits, as in YYYYMMDD.NNN.fits. Unless otherwise noted, all files contain échelle spectra.

The "blue spectral region" ranges from 3980 to 4700 Angstroms.

The LDS spectral region is typically 6200 to 6900 Å.

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  • β CMa (B1 II/III), HD 44743
  • β Cep (B2 IIIe), HD 205021
  • 1993: 930911.019.fits 930924.015.fits 931001.013.fits 931003.013.fits 931006.012.fits 931008.013.fits 931011.014.fits 931025.015.fits 931128.008.fits 931212.013.fits 931212.014.fits 931212.015.fits 931212.016.fits 931212.017.fits 931212.020.fits 931212.021.fits 931212.022.fits 931212.023.fits 931212.024.fits 931212.025.fits 931212.027.fits 931212.028.fits 931212.029.fits 931212.031.fits 931212.032.fits 931213.005.fits 931213.006.fits 931213.007.fits 931213.008.fits 931213.009.fits 931213.011.fits 931213.012.fits 931213.013.fits 931213.014.fits 931213.016.fits 931213.017.fits 931213.018.fits 931213.019.fits 931213.020.fits 931213.022.fits 931213.023.fits 931213.024.fits 931213.025.fits 931213.026.fits 931213.028.fits 931213.029.fits 931213.030.fits 931213.031.fits

    1994: 940609.022.fits 940815.030.fits 940815.032.fits 940818.019.fits 940818.021.fits 940818.023.fits 940818.025.fits 940818.027.fits 940818.029.fits 940818.031.fits 940818.033.fits 941003.020.fits 941003.022.fits 941003.024.fits 941003.026.fits 941003.028.fits 941003.030.fits 941003.032.fits 941003.034.fits 941003.036.fits 941003.038.fits 941003.040.fits 941003.042.fits 941003.044.fits 941003.046.fits 941003.048.fits 941003.050.fits 941003.052.fits 941003.054.fits 941003.056.fits 941003.058.fits 941003.060.fits 941003.062.fits 941003.064.fits 941003.066.fits 941003.068.fits 941003.070.fits 941003.072.fits 941003.074.fits 941003.076.fits 941003.078.fits 941003.080.fits 941003.082.fits 941003.084.fits 941003.086.fits

    1997: 970702.024.fits

    2001: 20010630.022.fits 20010702.026.fits 20010714.037.fits 20010903.020.fits 20010905.028.fits 20010906.025.fits 20010907.020.fits 20010915.016.fits 20011107.014.fits 20011110.016.fits 20011110.018.fits

    2004: 20040823.020.fits 20040902.022.fits 20040913.016.fits 20040916.016.fits 20040923.024.fits 20040928.022.fits 20040930.016.fits 20041001.016.fits 20041003.020.fits 20041004.016.fits 20041006.020.fits 20041008.014.fits 20041011.016.fits 20041101.014.fits 20041106.014.fits 20041107.014.fits 20041109.014.fits 20041113.018.fits 20041114.018.fits 20041115.014.fits 20041126.014.fits

  • 19 Tau (B1 V), HD 52918
  • ν Eri (B2 III), HD 29248
  • 12 Lac (B2 III), HD 214993:
  • 16 Lac (B2 IV), HD 216916:
  • δ Cet, (B2IV) HD 16582: 931004.022.fits
  • γ Pegasi (B2 IV), HD 886:
  • PT Pup (B2 II), HD 61068