The Ritter Observatory Public Archive of Spectra of HD 197770

Sample spectrum of the spectroscopic binary HD 197770 in the Hα region (reprocessed version).

File names are in the form: observation date followed by serial number, followed by file extension .fits, as in YYMMDD.NNN.fits prior to the year 2000 and YYYYMMDD.NNN.fits after.

Right click on link to download desired file.

  • 960920.014.fits
  • 960925.018.fits
  • 961001.014.fits
  • 961004.018.fits
  • 961029.014.fits
  • 961104.012_old.fits Version reprocessed 2016 April 16 to correct a flat fielding problem: 961104.012.fits
  • 961115.014.fits
  • 970803.020.fits
  • 970805.016.fits
  • 970810.020.fits
  • 970904.014.fits
  • 970926.018.fits
  • 971006.020.fits
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