Robert T. Deck (Nonlinear Optics)


       Emeritus Professor of Physics

 Ph.D., 1961, University of Notre Dame


  The communications superhighway in the U.S. is only one of the consequences of the growing field of optical communications.

More broadly, the field covers the entire range of phenomena in which signals are carried by light waves rather than electrical currents. Central to the success of optical communications is the ability to develop suitably miniaturized light switching devices that can rapidly transfer light waves between channels. Dr. Deck, in collaboration with


Dr. Bagley and their graduate students at the University of Toledo, are involved in researching the theory of such light switching devices. The basic elements in these devices are linear and nonlinear directional couplers consisting of side-by-side miniaturized waveguides. The correct fabrication of an array of waveguides requires computation of the design characteristics needed to produce appropriate coupling lengths and switching intensities. In addition to developing an improved theory of the nonlinear directional coupler, Dr. Deck and his collaborators have added to the theory of bending losses in waveguides, and designed filtering and gating devices based on all straight waveguides to simplify the fabrication of signal processing elements.

Work on these projects is continuing.


    In addition Dr. Deck continues his theoretical work related to the foundations of quantum theory.


More Recent PhD Students:


Chula Mapalagama, 1992

    ("Theory of Pulsed Laser Operated Nonlinear Directional Coupler")

    Present Position:

    Associate Professor of Physics, University of Sri Jpura,  Nupegoda, Sri Lanka

Xiangshan Li, 1995 (

    "Optical Integrated Circuit Theory and Design")

    Present Position: Optical Systems Designer, Austin TX. 

Andrei Piryatinskii, 1997

    ("Nonlinear Absorption and Luminescence in Organic Molecular Crystals")

    Present Position: Research Scientist, Los Alamos Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM. Anca Sala, 1998

    ("Propagation and Switching of Light in Rectangular Waveguiding Structure")

    Present Position: Chair of Engineering Dept. Baker College, Flint MI. 

Mirko Mirkov, 1998 (Thesis Co-directed with B.G. Bagley)

    ("Design and Analysis of Optical Waveguide Elements in Planar Geometry")  

    Present Position: Senior Scientist, Cynosure, Inc., Chelmsford, MA. 

Yuri Sikororski, 2000 (Thesis Co-directed with B.G. Bagley)

    Present Position: Associate Professor of Applied Physics, Kettering University, 

    Flint, MI. 

Igor Anisimov, 2003 (Thesis Co-directed with B.G. Bagley)

    ("Photonic Integrated Circuits: Trimming, Tuning and Characterization")  

    Present Position: Physicist, Anteon Corporation, Wright-Patterson Air Force

    Base, Dayton, OH. 

Richard Andaloro, 2003 (Thesis Co-directed with H. J. Simon)

    ("Refractometry Using Beam Profile Reshaping with Surface Waves and

     Application to Bioassay")

    Present Position: Assistant Professor of Physics, Urbana College, Urbana OH. Guangzhou (Ed) Chen, 2005 (Thesis Co-directed with B.G. Bagley)

     ("Analysis and Design of Planar Waveguide Elements for Use in Filters and


     Present Position: Senior Systems Engineer, Link-Quest Inc. San Diego, CA. Diana Stachowiak, (Thesis in Progress Co-directed with Edwyn Smith) 


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