Grad Student Thompson, Greg

Department of Physics and Astronomy

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Ph.D. Student
Received M.S. in Physics in 2003 from
Eastern Michigan University
Research Interests: Winds of Hot Luminous Stars
At EMU my research involved numerical calculations of the paths of free particles in a theory of discrete spacetime known as "Causal Set" theory. At UT my research is in the area of winds from hot, massive stars. This involves observing the H-alpha profiles of stars to study their winds and mass loss rates and to monitor any long-term behavior. I am particularly interested in using luminous hot stars as extragalactic distance indicators through their wind momentum-luminosity relation (WLR). This relation is similar to the well known period-luminosity relation for Cepheid variables.

Personal Interest
In a nutshell: My wonderful wife Lucy teaches voice lessons and sings in the Michigan Opera Theatre chorus at the Detroit Opera House. My son Isaac loves trains and space and he watches Star Trek with me. He is the center of our universe. I recieved my B.S. in physics from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. In addition to astrophysics and cosmology I am interested in nuclear and particle physics. I also enjoy discussing history and politics. In the car I listen to NPR and U2 exclusively. On the weekends I am very happy if I can watch Michigan football, hockey or basketball. With a Guinness in my hand, even better.