Grad Student Vijh, Uma

Department of Physics and Astronomy

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Ph.D. Student
Received Master of Science in 2000 from
Indidan Institute of Technology, Bombay

Personal Homepage

Research Interests: High-z Galaxies
Galaxies at very high redshifts play a central role in cosmology because they provide insight into epochs when galaxies where just forming their first populations of stars I am working on what are called Lyman Break Galaxies (LBGs), so named because of the photometric detection technique used to identify these galaxies. These are the UV bright galaxies in the process of star formation, and thus the study of these galaxies is important to the determination of the star formation history of the universe. And UV is what is most affected by the dust extiction/ attenuation. What I am going to be doing is to study the dust properties of these galaxies, to get a better estimate for the luminostiy function of these early galaxies so that we can understand a little better the early history of our universe.

Personal Interest
I am an international student from Bombay, India and I'm in the process of putting up a webpage that will say more about me.