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The Department Office is located in room 2017 McMaster Hall, on the northeast corner of the campus. Physics faculty and graduate student offices and laboratories are also in this building.

The Planetarium and the Research Observatory are located in Ritter Observatory just west of McMaster Hall. Astronomy faculty and graduate student offices are also in this building.

Department Chair Compaan, Alvin 4787MH2025 adc
Graduate Advisor Bagley, Brian 4633MH3005 bgb
Graduate Admissions Officer Morrison, Nancy 2659.RO205 ndm
Undergrad Advisor (physics) Lee, Scott 4779MH3003 sal
Undergrad Advisor (astronomy) Bjorkman, Karen 2613.RO204 karen
Director, Ritter Observatory Morrison, Nancy 2659.RO205 ndm
Director, Ritter Planetarium Morrison, Nancy 2659.RO205 ndm
Department Secretary Hickey, Sue 5162MH2017 hickey
Chair's Secretary Brown, Willie 5165MH2019 wbrown
Business Services Manager Mikols, Stephany 4623MH2023 smikols
EITEL Institute Secretary Reau, Marcia 7871MH5004 mreau

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McMaster Hall Plans
Lower Level 1st Floor 2nd Floor 3rd Floor 4th Floor 5th Floor 6th Floor

The campus map is clickable; look for MH (McMaster Hall) and RO (Ritter Observatory) in the northeast corner near the intersection of Bancroft Street and Towerview Blvd. Visitor parking is available in lot 1N next to McMaster.

Postal Address
Department of Physics and Astronomy, mail drop 111
The University of Toledo
2801 West Bancroft Street
Toledo, Ohio 43606

Telephone: 419-530-2241
Fax: 419-530-2723
E-mail: office@physics.utoledo.edu

Ritter Planetarium, mail drop 113
Telephone: 419-530-2650
Fax: 419-530-5167
E-mail: rpbo@physics.utoledo.edu

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