Observing trip to the Big Island, Hawaii March 2004

I got to Hawaii two days before observing to take in the sights!

  view-from-plane volcano-national-park-1 volcano-national-park-2 lava-on-road lava  

  Alex & John in quest of the flowing lava lava-layers lava-layers caldera caldera  

  caldera steam from caldera  

Click here to see a movie of the steam.
steam from caldera waterfall-1 waterfall-2  

  me-at-waterfall-1 hawaii me-at-waterfall-2 john-in-hawaii-1 flora  

Click here to see a movie of the waterfall and here for one of a stream.
  flora flora flora flora flora  

  fissure fissure lava-tree lava-tree me-and-lava-tree  

  can-in-lava-tree lava-tree lava-tree albino-peacock local artist  

  cardinal Uma at Umauma view-1 mountains mountains  

  clouds view view telescopes telescopes  

  telescopes Adolf Adolf IRTF keck  

  Karl-and-Adolf Karl-me-Adolf sunset  

Mauna Kea  

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