Over the winter break ('07-'08) I made myself a winter coat (Vouge 8307). Here's a picture: I chose to make the long one on the right.

I found some dark grey Wool melton (80% wool, 20% nylon) on ebay and chose a red slik for the lining. Here are some pictures of me wearing it!

It was a fun project and took me hours to finish: not to mention the anxiety about the fit because I had to alter the pattern quite a lot (me being shorter than average :(), added to which I hadn't worked with such a heavy material before or made set-in sleeves. I would definitely not reccommend this to a beginner. This was a mid-calf length coat and I had to shorten it by a good 6" for my 5'2" frame. The pattern is not petite sized, but did have shorten/lengthen lines on the pieces and the sleeves. I ended up shortening it 4" above the waist to get the shoulder to bust length and the shoulder to waist correctly. This ended up with the hips at the right place and shortened a futher 2" at the bottom. For the sleeves I made sure the bicep placement was right and shortened appropriately. On the whole I think the effort was worth while and I have a long winter coat (it's quite warm!) that fits... something I haven't been able to find. Now I just hope it lasts for a long time :)