This winter ('07) I decide I needed to teach myself how to make some simple jewellery, dangling earings, perhaphs a beaded necklace? Not having done any metal work or beading before I pored over many websites and decided that I could do it. I went completely berserk in the shop and got whole lot of glass beads, some glass pendants, seed beads, bugle beads, clasps, earhooks, crimp beads, beading wire, tiger tail, jump rings a set of tools (flat-nose pliers, bent-nose pliers, needle nose pliers, cutters) and a box with multiple small boxes to store my beads. So here's some stuff I made:
Here's a closeup of just the earings:
And here's a braided seed bead neacklace with a glass pendant:
And a close-up of the pendant.
I also made some earings with black glass beads and silver filigree beads. Actually, this was my first project! I have an idea for a chain to go with this but I need to get some silver chain. Here's an intermediate picture, and another one.