PHYSICS 2130 Spring 2006 -- Announcements

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 January 04





 Website is now activated ('course you already know that since you're reading this!!)  :-)
 Homeworks are due on Saturdays @ 11pm
 Calculators are permitted on the Midterm Exams and Final Exam.  Cover sheet of exams will include some equations and will be posted prior to the exam so you will know what information will be available to you for the exam.
 All homework assignments will be normalized to 10 points each before entering your scores into the course gradebook.
 Do not click the privacy option when you register for WileyPlus (previously called eGradePlus), otherwise Wiley can't (by law -- i.e., anti-spam law) email you concerning WileyPlus.
January 12, 2006   Response from TurningPoint regarding dead batteries:

My supervisor has just sent me a reply regarding the issue with the dying batteries in the RF response cards. When students purchase the keypad, they are granted 6 months of support. Any issues that they may have with the battery should be reported to Turning Technologies and we would gladly send them a new battery or possibly a new response card. Once again, our toll free number is located below.

Best regards,
Blake Copenhaver
Customer Service Specialist
Direct Line: 330-884-6068
Main Line (toll-free): 1-866-746-3015
January 25, 2006 OFFICE HOURS:  COMPAAN (MWF 12n - 1p), KVALE - (MWF 1:30p - 3:00p)

                                                               + by appointment or chance