PHYSICS 2130 Spring 2006

This year we will be trying an innovative approach to the course.

There are three (3) required items that you need to purchase for this course. These are:


The lab manual (Laboratory Experiments for Physics 2130)


The classroom communicator, radio-frequency (RF) unit from Turning Technologies.

You can't share these with anyone and you can't do without them. You must have your own RF unit (like a credit-card sized TV remote control). It will be used to take quizzes in the lectures every day. These daily quizzes will be part of the course grade. Bring the RF unit with you to lecture every day.


The online homework system WileyPlus (previously called eGradePlus)

You must have access to the Wiley/EduGen online homework system, eGradePlus. Your homework assignments must be submitted there and they will count toward your course grade.

This system is designed especially to accompany our textbook, which is "Fundamentals of Physics" by Halliday, Resnick and Walker, 7th edition (Wiley, 2005), abbreviated "HRW-7".  Most of the assigned homework problems will be problems from HRW-7.

Note that a paper textbook is *NOT* required. However, eGradePlus gives you access to the entire textbook plus the Student Solutions Manual (ssm), and the Interactive Learning Ware (ilw) for the entire year.  Thus, if you prefer reading from a computer screen instead of paper, you need not buy a paper textbook at all!

There are three ways you can purchase access to eGradePlus:

(1) You can buy it on the Internet directly from John Wiley and Sons publishers at their website, (You click on "purchase a registration code", then "physics", then "Halliday", then enter OHIO and select UNIV of TOLEDO, and then you find you have a shopping cart in standard web-purchase style.)

(2) You can buy it (a CD) at the UT bookstore.

(3) You can buy the new textbook at the UT bookstore, with the eGradePlus included in the package. This is the most expensive of the three ways, but it has the advantage that you have a real book to keep, which will be useful to you as a physics reference book for many years.