Spring 2003

TEXT: Fundamentals of Physics, 6th edition, Parts 1& 2, by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker

LECTURER: R. G. Bohn           Office: MH 5019

Hours: 8:45-10:00 MTWR and by appointment

Phone: 419.530.2226           e-mail:

Prerequisite          Examinations           Grading Policy          Grades of W, IW, IN

Course Objectives         Tentative Lecture Schedule


Physics 2130 will

PREREQUISITE for this course is Math 1850  and you must be registered for a lab section.


Thursday, February 6; (Ch. 1-5)

Friday, March 7; (Ch. 6-8; 11-13)

Thursday, April 10; (Ch. 9,10,12, 15-18)

Thursday, May 1; (Ch. 19-21)


Final: Wednesday, May 7,  10:15 - 12:15 pm; (Ch. 1-21)

NOTE: Exams (including the final) will be given only at these times, so be sure now that this will not create a serious problem for you.

Grades given are the traditional grades of A, B, C, D, F (including + and - ;).  Note that a score of 18/30 or better is required in the laboratory to pass the course. If you are repeating the course, please see me during the first two weeks of class to discuss your laboratory grade situation. Grades are based on the following:

Laboratory Grade-10%

Discussion Grade-30%
(Attendance, homework,
quizzes, etc.)

Test 1-10%

Test 2-10%

Test 3-10%

Test 4-10%

Final Exam-20%

The latest date for withdrawing from the course is March 7, the end of the 8th week

The Academic Policy for Semesters has clarified the meaning and proper use of these grades. Official University Policy now defines these grades as follows:

W: The "W" is assigned for a course from which the student has formally withdrawn by the end of the 8th week. The grade of "W" will appear on the student's transcript.

IW: The "IW" designation is to be used by an instructor for students who have not been attending class, have done essentially no work for the class and made no arrangements for officially withdrawing from the course. The instructor must report this grade by the end of the 10th week. Students should contact the instructor before the end of the 10th week if they have questions about this grade.

IN: This grade is assigned only in extraordinary cases where conditions prevent the student from completing the requirements of the course within the term of enrollment. It must be removed before the end of the following semester.

In the adoption of these definitions, it is made clear that the IW and IN grades should not be used as substitutes for the F grade, and that students should not be allowed to withdraw at the very end of a course.

Under no circumstances will an IW grade be given to a student who has taken all of the hour exams.