Graduate Student Physics Seminar, PHYS 6/8020 -- Fall 2009

Course Information

Instructor: Randy Ellingson

Physics Seminar develops the skills and practices essential to preparing and delivering excellent scientific presentations.

Class Schedule
Wednesdays from 4-5 pm in MH 4009. There will be 14 classes, beginning with Aug. 26, 2009. There will be no class Nov. 11 (Veterans Day) and Nov. 25 (Thanksgiving break). The last class is scheduled for December 9, 2009.

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Course Objectives – Learning to…

  1. research a topic for a specific scientific presentation, and to choose and organize content to deliver an effective and engaging talk;
  2. prepare a suitable introduction and include additional information necessary to bring your audience as close as possible to your level of understanding;
  3. use PowerPoint or equivalent software to prepare effective and coherent presentation material to convey the information on your topic;
  4. deliver excellent scientific presentations, based on a solid understanding of the material covered, knowledge of your audience, and inclusion of any sources referenced;
  5. handle questions from the audience after the presentation; preparation is essential to performing well and to handling questions effectively.


General information, guidelines, and requirements:

Additional considerations:

  1. In order to avoid disrupting the presentation or discussion, please turn off sound on any electronic devices while in class; in general, maintain an environment conducive to learning in the classroom, and participate enthusiastically in questions and comments;
  2. Please, no food or drinks inside the classroom;
  3. If you have any disabilities hindering your ability to follow any of these rules and/or request any special considerations, bring them to the attention of the instructor immediately.