The University of Toledo's R1 Building CdTe photovoltaic array recently underwent some repairs, organized and completed primarily by graduate and undergraduate students working in solar energy materials science and technology.  The repairs involved replacement of several modules, and replacement of two fuses.

Following the repairs, the system is operating near peak performance.  The full system consists of 216 modules manufactured by First Solar in 2005 (model FS-57, 8% efficiency) and 216 modules manufactured by First Solar in 2013 (model FS-390, 12.5% efficiency).  The FS-390 modules, which represent >60% of the array's total generating capacity, were donated by First Solar and installed in the summer of 2014.  Since July 2013, the system has been carefully monitored for performance relative to the solar irradiance, and both ambient air and module temperature have been recorded on 1 second intervals.

The graph below shows the AC power output and solar irradiance for a pyranometer, for the day of Wednesday, July 15, 2015.  On that day, the array produced what represents a record energy output since the full 31.86 kW (DC capacity) system went live in July 2014.

Record R1 CdTe PV Array Output (210 kWh)