Here are links to some of my favorite Web sites.

I hope you enjoy exploring these sites in order to learn more about astronomy.

I retired from teaching in 2010 and am no longer posting new resources on this page, but I'll gladly fix any bad links that users may report.

Astronomy Resources

Astronomical Society of the Pacific --- Source for slides and other educational materials on astronomy, including the sky motion demo software used here

International Dark-Sky Association --- source of city/dark site comparison slide pair

Sky Publishing Corp. store --- a good source for slides, other educational materials, and astronomical items in general

Hubble Space Telescope pictures

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

Information about lunar and solar eclipses, 2001-2005

The Nine Planets --- A complete source of information about the entire solar system

NASA Catalog of Space-Borne Images

Gallery of Mars Global Surveyor images

Galileo Project Home

Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission

Cassini to Saturn

Mars Odyssey 2001

Light and the spectrum in astronomy

Sun and solar-terrestrial connections:

Links to Other Astronomical Resources

Want to know more about the FOX special claiming the NASA Moon landings were faked?

Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy

Jim Scotti's page

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