Ritter Planetarium

Celebrates the
Hundred Hours of Astronomy

April 2-5, 2009

Public Events

Admission free unless otherwise indicated

Thursday, April 2

7:30 PM - Astronomers' Lecture Series, Dr. Reva-Kay Williams, "Astrophysical Black Holes and Energy Extraction"

Followed by public observing or tour of Ritter Observatory (weather dependent)

Friday, April 3

7:30 PM - Regular planetarium program (The Spring Skies over Toledo) followed by public observing at Ritter Observatory and Brooks Observatory (weather permitting) - enhanced programming. Normal admission charges apply.

Saturday, April 4

The Sunspotter telescope

11:00 AM - Toddler Discovery Time: a live, interactive program newly designed for 2-, 3-, and 4-year-old children by Meredith Gray-Fischer

1:00 PM - Regular planetarium program: Field Trip to the Moon. Normal admission charges apply.

2:00 PM - Solar observing outdoors (weather permitting) with our new Sunspotter telescope - enhanced programming

3:00 PM - How to Buy a Telescope workshop presented by Associate Director Alex Mak. Whether you are looking for a telescope for yourself, another adult, or a child, this workshop is for you! We will look at how telescopes work, how to choose the right telescope for your needs, and what accessories you may or may not need. Admission $10.00

6:30 PM - Public lecture by Profs. S. T. Megeath and J. D. Smith, "Blastoff into the Cold Universe: Observing the Origins of Stars and Galaxies with the Herschel Space Observatory."

The Herschel Space Observatory will be launched by the European Space Agency in April, 2009. Herschel will use the largest telescope mirror ever flown to observe the universe in the infrared. From a vantage point 1 million miles from Earth (4 times more distant than the Moon!), this state-of-the-art observatory will study the cold universe, including cold dark regions of our galaxy and distant galaxies where new stars are being born. UT Physics and Astronomy professors Smith and Megeath will discuss their involvement with Herschel and how they plan to use this new observatory to probe the origins of stars and galaxies. Come share the excitement and the anxiety of launching the newest space telescope.

The lecture will be followed by observing with the 1-meter telescope at Ritter Observatory (weather permitting)

Sunday, April 5

6:30 PM - Ritter Astrophysical Research Center Open House For more information, please contact either of the following
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