In the following, items to be typed/copied and pasted are in boldface.

After starting Linux in Sun VBox, connect to astro1 by its IP address: ssh XXX@ -X

Log in to your astro1 account, using the user name and password you received by email. Set a new password with: passwd then type new password when prompted

When requested, paste the following commands in to your x11 command line on astro1.

Set up IRAF:

Edit your file as directed in the "Introduction to IRAF" document.

Start an xgterm window with scroll bar on the right: xgterm -sbr&

Start IRAF by typing cl

Copy some image files to your account:

Display an image with ds9: !ds9& [In IRAF, preceding a command with ! causes the command to be sent to the Unix host system.]

In ds9, use the File:Open pull-down menu and select a file to view. Several ds9 menu buttons will be demonstrated.

Some IRAF text commands:

Adding a keyword to an image header: epar hedit Edits parameters for task hedit

PACKAGE = imutil
TASK = hedit

images = *.fits images to be edited
fields = dispaxis fields to be edited
value = 2 value expression
(add = yes) add rather than edit fields
(delete = no) delete rather than edit fields
(verify = yes) verify each edit operation
(show = yes) print record of each edit operation
(update = yes) enable updating of the image header
(mode = ql)

First, load the package onedspec: oned

Plotting a line from an image: epar splot

PACKAGE = onedspec
TASK = splot

images = *11.fits List of images to plot
line = 464 Image line/aperture to plot
band = Image band to plot
(units = ) Plotting units
(options= hist,auto,wreset,xydraw) Combination of plotting options:
auto, zero, xydraw, histogram,
nosysid, wreset, flip, overplot
[more ...]

Once the parameters for the task have been set, execution can be done from the command line: splot *11.fits [or the file(s) of your choice]

Important activities within splot

Image arithmatic with imarith

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