Graduate students from the Department of Physics and Astronomy were present in force and contributed excellent posters at the 206th meeting of the American Astronomical Society, which was held in Minneapolis, MN from 29 May through 2 June 2005.

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[5.06] Dan Kittell (left) and Greg Thompson (right) are in the early stages of Ph.D. research with Prof. Nancy Morrison. They share a research assistantship funded by the National Science Foundation, for which the duties include setting up a public data archive for Ritter Observatory and training visiting students in observational techniques. Here, they present a poster describing the program. [8.03] John Wisniewski is completing his Ph.D. research with Prof. Karen Bjorkman, and here he presents some of his results on circumstellar disks in Be stars. He plans to defend his dissertation in the summer of 2005 and then to begin a postdoctoral fellowship at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in September.

[35.07] Erin Allgaier has just graduated from American University, and she will be a grad student at UT in physics and astronomy beginning in fall 2005. As an REU student, she participated in the research described in this poster during the summer of 2004.

[38.11] Uma Vijh (left) is completing her Ph.D. research on Dusty Astrophysical Systems under the supervision of Prof. Adolf Witt. Here, she discusses some of her results with an interested visitor to the poster. She plans to defend her dissertation in the summer of 2005 and then to begin a postdoctoral fellowship at the Space Telescope Science Institute in the fall.

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