Greetings to students in ASTR 4880 from the instructor, Nancy Morrison.

This page is intended to provide a backup copy of the materials displayed in lecture, announcements relevant to the class, and access to the wealth of astronomical information on the World Wide Web.

Latest update: 9/20/04 19:01

Here are some FITS files for trying out IRAF. Remember that they are binary files, so make sure your browser handles them as such. All are 1.03 MB in size.

Except for the bias frames, the number in the file name gives the exposure time in seconds.

bias1 bias2 dark1 dark240 flat6

Since this course is writing intensive for one of you, here are some links to helpful Web sites on writing. I particularly recommend The Elements of Style, either on the following site or in book form.

Links to Images Shown in Class - Fall 2004

Wednesday, August 25, 2004: A CCD ... Image of Pluto taken with Hubble Space Telescope showing pixel structure of CCD images

Pictures Taken at the 1-m Telescope, December 2, 2003

172 kb; larger version 228 kb 168 kb; larger version 320 kb
116 kb; larger version 136 kb 156 kb; larger version 196 kb
164kb; larger version (204kb)