Founded 1666

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Lunds Domkyrka
(Lund Cathedral)
Consecrated 1145

Processional during the 300 year Jubelium in 1968, when Maj Curtis was a student at
the University of Lund.

Doctoral Promotion inside the Cathedral.
King Gustav VI Adolf sits at the foot of the stairs.

The City of Lund in 1580. Today it is surrounded by newer buildings, but the
ancient walled city remains.

Scenes from Ingmar Bergman's "Wild Strawberries" (Smultronstället)

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"The Doctoral Promotion was accompanied by Trumpet Fanfares, Bells Ringing, Field-Cannon Salutes, masses of people, the giant procession from the University to the Cathedral, the white-dressed garland girls, royalty, old age, wisdom, beautiful music, stately Latin sentences which echoed off the high vaulted walls, the students, women in bright magnificent dresses - this strange rite with its heavy symbolism, as if in a dream." (From Wild Strawberries)

The secret place in the woods where the wild berries grow.