What seems like black and white drabness,
  can reveal hidden beauty sublime;
  one needs only to look at it deeply,
  and see it one part at a time.

  • QED

  • The electromagnetic spectrum
  • Fermat's principle

  • Reflective ray tracing
  • Plane mirror imaging

  • Spherical mirrors
  • Ray tracing
  • Mirror imaging examples
  • Light bulb

  • Refraction through objects
  • Convex lens
  • Concave lens
  • Lens ray tracing examples
  • Ray tracing

  • Convex and concave thin lenses
  • Together, compound thick lens

  • Inversion
  • Corner reflectors
  • Multiple reflections

  • Radiation from free electrons
  • Continuum and line emission and absorption
  • Kepler ppt