Announcement of the Award of the 1990 Källén Prize

9 February 1990

The Royal Physiographic Society of Lund Sweden announced today that the winner of the 1990 Källén Prize is Professor Lorenzo Curtis of the University of Toledo. The Award Citation was "For the contributions of Professor Curtis to our knowledge of atomic physics, in which he and his colleagues have provided elegant solutions to the problem of cascade repopulation in lifetime measurements, discovered excitation anisotropies in ion-atom collisions, made the first measurements of an optical transition in a negative ion, and developed precise phemenological prediction methods for highly ionized atomic systems."

The Prize is awarded once each three years from a fund established in memory of Gunnar and Gunnel Källén. Gunnar Källén was a brilliant young theoretical physicist who perished in a plane crash in 1968 while returning from the European research center CERN.
The Prize conveys a cash award of 15 000 swedish crowns and is marked by the presentation of a Memorial Lecture by the Recipient. The winner of the 1987 Prize was Benoit Mandelbrot for his discovery of the Mandelbrot Set in the fractal geometry of chaotic systems.