Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005  

Subject:  Libbey-53 Reunion Dinner, Fri. 16 Sept. 2005


Hi fellow grads,


Well, I lose again.  We will be in Toledo over Labor Day to celebrate my Dad's 90th birthday so will not be able to attend the get together on the 16th of September.  Sorry!  Thanks for keeping me informed.  Maybe one of these years I'll make it back for something. 


We have lived in Lakeland, Florida for 21 years and it is home to us.  Both of our sons live here and our two granddaughters.  Also my Dad and his wife spend the winters down here.  Therefore, our trips to Toledo have become fewer and fewer over the years.  We do have a daughter who lives in Toledo and they often come to Lakeland or we take a trip with them.


Have a good party!


Jackie Noss Freed