Question: What does "Edelian" mean, and why does the Libbey Yearbook bear that name?

I don't know, but I have a guess. "Edel" is a German word meaning "noble" or "precious" (so the Edelweiss flower is both noble and white). Thus an "edelian" object possesses noble aspects. The initials of the namesake of Edward Drummond Libbey High School are EDL, so an attribute of that school might be described as "EDLian."

This is a guess. If you have better information or a better guess, send it to webmaster and it will be posted here.


  • Scottie L. Smith, Jr., Libbey Class of 1968, recalls an acronym for "EDELIAN" that says "Every Day Entering Libbey I Accomplished Nothing."

  • Bruce Taylor, Libbey Class of 1970, in Los Angeles confirms our guess, and writes:

    "Just happened to come across your web site and saw the question "What does Edelian mean?" I'm a 1970 Libbey Alumnus. My mom is a 1939 Alum. My dad was a 1936 alum. My aunt is also a 1939 alum and my uncle was a 1932 alum. My brother is a 1965 alum.

    The etymology of the word "Edelian" is;

    The suffix "ian", Greek, means "one of", or "one who is a part or whole of, aspiring to, connected to or having to do with. Being".

    "Edel" is a so called acronym of the name E.D. Libbey.

    So Edelian means, " One of Edward Drummond Libbey". Or one who is a part of, or aspiring or member of Edward Drummond Libbey or having to do with, being Edward Drummond Libbey.

    Hope this helps."

    PS: Libbey opened in 1923, making it 80 years old the year of our 50th reunion.
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