Research interests
All publications are available here.

General Theme
Our research involves the application of appropriate theoretical and computational techniques to understand materials systems of significant experimental interest. This work involves prediction of new phenomena, explanation of existing data and collaborations with experimentalists on contemporaneous experiments. It encompasses a variety of thin film and bulk materials from metals to semiconductors, crystalline to disordered materials, and nano- to micro- length scales. Varied theoretical techniques are utilized such as density functional theory (DFT) based computations, classical molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo simulations, and continuum analytical equations.

Other phenomena involving large scale statistical information of general physical systems is another interest. Techniques such as analytical solutions to linear and non-linear deterministic, stochastic and differential equations with noise, equations of elasticity, numerical solutions to algebraic equations are used for this purpose.

Funding Sources
Funding for our group comes from variety of sources including Department of Energy, DARPA, Air Force, NSF, State of Ohio and University of Toledo.

Over a dozen Ph.D. students, 16 M.S. students and 6 undergraduates have worked on research projects and graduated on to pursue lucrative careers.


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